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The Matthew Cullum blog is readily available to anyone who wishes to be kept well informed and updated on the latest property-based information. On this blog, Matthew Cullum will endeavor to provide the latest property market trends and patterns, to ensure that anybody seeking to enter into the property sector, have the tools available to make it a success. In this blog you will have accessible advice on property developments, mortgages and the latest news within the industry.

Matthew Cullum has been in the industry for 15 years now, in which time he has acquired a vast wealth of knowledge when it comes to the property sector. He has helped hundreds of investors, by providing direction for them to allow them to venture into the industry with their best foot forward.

On this blog, you will find expert insight and analysis, he will provide in-depth advice on anything from general property developments, commercial, and residential developments and how to maximise potential profits for anybody starting their journey. Through Matthew Cullum blog’s wealth of knowledge and previous experience of his own developments, he is in a position to offer detailed insights into most aspects of the property market. We will also explain the most effective methods and the most commonly used tools to enable developers to raise capital through third party investors and sometimes, the banks.

The Matthew Cullum blog seeks to provide the most up to date analysis of the property market, ensuring his clients are equipped with the latest market research and trends. This enables his clients to ensure they progress forward into the market with all of the relevant resources to mitigate potential risk, and to grow profits.

Throughout the Matthew Cullum blog, readers will have detailed insights into what the property market is doing, and where it will be going. This is a vital resource for any potential property investor, which in turn reduces potential risk thus resulting in less mistakes being made.

Many readers have used Matthew Cullum’s blog as a reliable and vital resource when looking to the latest advice on how to approach the market at any given time. Information is updated on a weekly basis to ensure clients are kept well informed with market trends and patterns.

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“Real estate cannot be lost or stolen, nor can it be carried away. Purchased with common sense, paid for in full, and managed with reasonable care, it is about the safest investment in the world.” Franklin D. Roosevelt

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The entry into the property sector can take many forms. Whether you are a private investor looking to build and create a property portfolio, or you are a large property developer with substantial cash reserves. Whichever direction you look to take, there is always potential to turnover substantial profits when dealing with property.

The key to buying and selling property, or whether you are looking to purchase a plot of land to build upon, timing is one of the major factors when starting your journey on this path. The property sector is generally a stable and solid market, however there are certain optimum times to commit to a purchase or sale of a property/plot. The property market as a whole is generally a fairly predictable market to foresee, this is based on reoccurring patterns and trends seen over many years. This has allowed experts and novices alike to capitalise on any potential opportunities when the market seems to be at a dip, making it an ideal time to purchase the desired property. Matthew Cullum seeks to explain the market to subscribers and such opportunities.

This has become one of the most effective strategic tools used by property experts to maximise potential returns on their developments, which comes from experience and making their own mistakes in the past. Without the correct cautious approach when entering into the market, will be the undoing and has been the undoing of many private investors looking to create a portfolio. There have been many private investors with the best intentions when seeking to purchase property. Register to Matt Cullum property blog for more property information and resources.

Matt Cullum London Property Blog

London property investment is one of the hotspots in the UK that seemingly grows year-on-year and is always popular with investors. London is really a number of smaller housing markets with options for those looking for growth of capital and also looking for strong investment yields. There’s been significant investment in local transport infrastructure, mainly the crossrail which offers areas of London very attractive residential and commercial property growth. When discussing the London property market there are many factors to consider including the costs of residential and commercial property and the interest from foreign investors pushing the prices ever higher.

There is a constant demand for traditional office space but also in new and modern forms of commercial property such as co-working space is and hot disking. This is essentially the splitting up of large property into smaller office units which are in turn also shared between smaller companies and has proved to be very popular with companies such as we work taking over the market.

A London property boom of recent years and there have been many cases of areas such as elephant and Castle undergoing extensive regeneration programs. Again with the crossrail factor we will start to see many other areas getting regenerated and the gentrification of rundown areas will fuel the property boom once again. Post Covid there could be opportunities to acquire property which has fallen in price and will start to retain it’s value over the coming years. Particularly in the rental sector the Matthew Cullum property blog will seek to cover the current and future opportunities and areas which have been disregarded prior to these regeneration program is. Thanks paragraph the impact of Brexit is also a consideration however the risk reward ratio can still be seen as favourable. It’s doubtful whether breaks it will lead to mass job losses in the sector and worst case scenario is that there will be a slight drop off particularly in the commercial sector.

London has very much an international outlook and people from all across the world will still see London as a safe and stable market in which to buy investment property. This will guarantee a buoyant property market over the coming years and the prices will remain strong. The prestige element usually drives the foreign market particularly in Asia and the Middle East and it is seen as a safe haven for their money and for long-term capital growth and rental yields. Register for the Matt cullum Property blog newsletter and we will cover London extensively over the next few months and years as prices starts to regain their value.

Matthew Cullum Property Development Company Information

Big Property Development Companies by Matthew Cullum

There are many property developers in the UK. The big developers have been in the industry for ages. While most have received several awards, the one thing that stands out is the number of houses they have completed in the previous years. With experience spanning over two decades at the bare minimum, these companies are leading the UK property market and beyond.

Miller Homes

Millers Homes was established in 1934. When the company started, it was based in Edinburgh. It later expanded to West Scotland and England post world war two to meet new housing demand. Currently, Miller homes have properties all over the UK: Scotland, Northern East, and North West England, Midland, and southern.

Headquartered in Edinburgh, Miller homes is the largest privately owned property development group in the UK. It has built over 100,000 homes and still counting. 


Countryside is another giant in property development. On their site, Countryside asserts that they create communities that people want to be part of. Their property development projects are geared towards sustainable living. The company’s home designs focus on green living and energy efficiency. 

Since their inception in 1958, they have been building high-quality, affordable houses in North West and South East of England, West Midlands, London, and Yorkshire. The company won the Large House Builders in 2007. In 2018, the Countryside had a record of 4,395 completed homes.

Berkeley Homes

Berkeley Homes is one of the best property development companies in London. Berkeley is part of the Berkeley group. The other companies that make up the Berkeley group include St Joseph, St William, St. Stephen, St Edward, and St James. 

Barkley group was established in the 1970s. The company operates in the South of England, London, and Birmingham. The companies that make up the group are autonomous, and each specializes in a specific property development area. Berkeley group, in general, specializes in the development of modern homes.

Barratt London

Barrat homes has been in business since 1958. It is part of Barratdevelopers. Barrat developers are the largest house building company in the UK. The company has homes throughout the nation. They have a wide range of options for homeowners, from family homes to apartments for single individuals. 

The company is known for its innovative marketing strategies that have been instrumental in its success. Barrat homes has continuously outdone itself in the construction of exclusive homes as well as regenerated communities. In 2019, Barrat won the housebuilder award.

Taylor Wimpey

Taylor Wimpey is equally a force to reckon with in the property development industry. The company was previously known as Taylor Woodrow. It changed its name to Taylor Wimpey after the merger between George Wimpey and Taylor Woodrow in 2007. The company operates in the UK and Spain. 

With 24 regional offices, Taylor Wimpey operates across Scotland, England, and Wales. The company builds different houses ranging from detached houses to one-bedroom apartments. The company works with local builders in the areas they operate to offer homes that meet the local population’s needs. Their projects go beyond homes to the development of infrastructures.



The Property Rental Market

The property rental market has experienced many challenges since the first coronavirus case. The subsequent measures to curb the virus further deteriorated the situation. With the lockdown, house viewing and moving were burnt. However, as the market opens up again, several trends have emerged over the last few months. If you are an investor or a property developer, these trends are worth exploring. 

Virtual House Viewing

Virtual house viewing is not as new as most people think. Long before Coronavirus hit the world, virtual house viewing was going on. In fact, in the last eighteen months, 700,000 renters used Movebubble.com, a rental video app, to view homes. The trend picked recently because of social distancing. 

Virtual house viewing has now become a trend. There are high chances it will become the norm long after COVID-19. Renters have embraced this strategy because of its convenience. One could view several houses at the comfort of their home, which can be exhausting if someone were to do it in person. 

Investors and property developers with flats and houses to rent must take advantage of this trend and list their vacant spaces in the rental video apps. The trend will most likely transform the property market in the coming years.

Rental Prices Demand

The pent up demand for rental houses during the lockdown period led to an increase in house prices in the last few months. The demand for rental houses was higher than the supply. Currently, the demand, however, is declining, which could lead to reduced rental prices.

In the coming months, the preference for rentals over mortgages will increase because of job security issues. People would instead rent than commit to a mortgage payment plan during tough times. Matthew Cullum property can provide more information on the issue of mortgage and security payments.

Areas with High Rental Demand

As the demand for rental houses increases, Rightmove research shows several regions with high demand for rental properties. So, if you are an investor or a property developer, these areas are budding with opportunities and are worth checking out. On top of the list is the South-west, followed by East Midlands, then West Midlands. The South-east, Yorkshire, Humber, England, London, and North-west are also hot cakes for rental houses. 

Opportunities in the Rental Market 

As the rental property market trends change, opportunities for buy-to-let investments remain all-time high. With a clear picture of the property location and the tenants, an investor or property developer can invest in areas with high rental demands. 

Other factors to consider are good amenities and the upcoming areas with potential for growth. The advantage of buying to let investment is the capital growth and the rental income that streams in once the units are occupied. 

The Future of Property Rental Market

The future of the rental market is uncertain. Zoopla predicts that the rental property market will slow down in the coming months; however, there will be a positive outcome in the remaining part of the year. As for London, property developers and investors can expect a -5% reduction in rent prices by the end of the year.