Advertising Strategies for Property

Types of Advertisement for Property Developers

There are several advertisement options for property developers. You can opt for social media advertisements, pay-per-lick, newsletter, or go the traditional way. The option you choose will depend on your business goal and advertisement budget. 

When well used, advertising increases your brand awareness, website traffic, and ultimately converts leads to customers. 

With that said, let’s dive into the different types of advertisements you can explore as a property developer. 

Social Media Advertising

Social media platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagramoffer advertising opportunities for their users. The different advertising options allow you to tailor your advertisement to a specific group of people. You can filter the ads to target people in a specific location or different demographic characteristics.• LinkedIn advertisement is relatively expensive as compared to Facebook and Instagram. Given the number of professionals, executive directors, and business owners on this platform, a property developer can create highly customized ads that target people with specific titles.• Facebook has different advertising options. You can choose carousel images, page likes, video ads, event responses, lead generation, and customer offers, among others. Using different targeting options like location, age, income, or lookalike audience, you can target your property advertisement to reach the people most likely to take action.• For you to use Instagram for advertisement, you must have a Facebook business page. With that set, Instagram offers a wide range of targeting parameters, just like Facebook. Instagram is an excellent option if you are targeting a younger population, say, university students, looking for hostel rentals.

Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Advertisement

Pay-per-click is an advertisement where you only pay when someone clicks on the ad. With PPC, a property developer will set the price they are willing to pay for someone to click the ad. Once a user clicks the ad, they are directed to the landing page. 

PPC advertising is highly targeted since you use specific business keywords that your potential customers are using. Statistics show that PPC ads have a 50% increase in leads that convert compared to organic search. Therefore, if you are using this strategy, you must incorporate the best practices to get the most of your money. 

Top on the list is choosing the right keywords. Generic keywords are highly competitive and expensive. Therefore you want to choose your keywords wisely. For example, instead of using “property development opportunities,” you can specify the opportunity and use “land for property development Dorking.”

Also, write the advertisement’s copy with the keywords in mind. Grab the user’s attention with a strong call to action. 

Publish a Property Development Newsletter

Another proven way to advertise properties is the newsletter; a newsletter informs subscribers about your business’ recent activities. It could be about the recently completed projects, property prices, new investment opportunities, or any other information in line with your business brand. 

It is important to segregate your subscribers to send personalized emails that resonate with individual member needs. Other factors to consider include a catchy subject line, an optimized newsletter, and a compelling call to action. 

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