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Matt Cullum Commercial Property Opportunities

Commercial properties provide investment opportunities for investors to buy and lease the property to business owners. The commercial property market has different opportunities that a property investor can explore. 

Read along to find out the different sectors you can invest in, factors to consider when investing in commercial property opportunities, and the benefits of commercial property.  

Matt Cullum Commercial Property Opportunities

The options an investor can explore in commercial properties are unlimited. And below is a summary of the top options to look into. 


The leisure category in commercial property cuts across different industries ranging from hotels to the entertainment sector. Leisure commercial property hosts businesses such as hotels, cinemas, gyms, restaurants, casinos, bowling alleys, trampoline parks, and health clubs, among others.

To invest in the Leisure category, an investor needs to conduct comprehensive market analysis as the sector is very dynamic. A thorough analysis helps one spot emerging trends and develop an investment plan that taps into these opportunities.

Matt Cullum Retail

The retail sector includes commercial properties that host furniture stores, shops, shopping centres, supermarkets, clothing shops, etcetera. Opportunities in this category are closely linked to the consumer’s financial abilities. 


The industrial sector of commercial property investment includes the manufacturing and production sector, warehouse and distribution centres, laboratories, logistic firms, and any other properties dedicated to industrial use. An investor in the industrial sector may opt to repurpose the property and use it for a different purpose.


The growth of commercial office space is determined by the growth of the service sector in the economy. The sector cuts across different industries, from startups to multinational corporations. It is important to understand the targeted service industry before investing in office commercial properties. 

Factors to Consider Before Investing in Commercial Property Opportunities

Commercial properties are expensive compared to residential property investment. This means the risk is higher, and therefore there’s a lot at stake. An investor must research before investing in commercial property. Below are the factors an investor needs to consider.1. An investor must understand the property market in general and further review commercial property performance in the target area.2.  Location is important for any property development project. The right location guarantees high returns in terms of rental income and property capital growth. 3. An investor must do due diligence on the potential tenants’ financial ability before signing the lease agreement. If a tenant defaults payment, it will greatly impact the rental income and the investment’s overall value.

Matt Cullum Benefits of Commercial Property Investment

 An investor can explore different options once the building is ready, depending on the market and the property location.

There is room to renovate and modify the property to meet the changing market needs. Investors have the power to adjust and adapt to new trends that better suit their target market. 

Commercial properties offer a longer lease period of around eight years. This gives security and steady income even in tough economic times. An investor stands to gain from a commercial property for a long time. Besides, the property grows in value over time.

Unlike residential property where the repairs and maintenance cost is solely on the landlord, the occupants in commercial property are responsible for these expenses.

Because commercial property cost a fortune, an investor can also expect a high return. Moreover, there are several funding options for commercial properties. 

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