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The Matthew Cullum marketing blog will provide information regarding joint ventures and property opportunities. The marketplace has some very good opportunities for developers and portfolio owners as well as buy to let investors and there are significant returns available should you choose to go down this route. The joint-venture option is always a good option to choose because it allows you to partner with other property owners and investors and pool your money together with the ability to leveraged your funds with funders and banks.

Joint ventures are also a good option because each party has security over the property is that they buy along with the potential to increase their portfolio holdings together. The best investors in the marketplace choose to invest joint ventures due to the significant opportunities that they yield.

It’s always important to choose a good solicitor to draft contracts and to structure the whole deal for every party to make it fair and also transparent. Solicitors can be of all shapes and sizes but it’s always worth choosing one that has it has experience with joint ventures and property transactions from start to finish. There are many good our solicitors with experience in the market place that can help with all areas of the transaction. Matthew Cullum is marketing blog will provide information to joint-venture partners of all shapes and sizes to help with the process from start to finish including buying the properties, refurbishing the properties, structuring the partnerships, guiding through the legal process and eventually selling the properties hopefully for a profit.

Joint-venture properties can be bought in various ways we always suggest to consider using funding for up to 60% of the transaction as it means that you can get a lower rate of funding without having to put in a large amount of money to purchase the property. In today’s times there are many good options and attractive interest rates from banks and mid-tier funders as well as Challenger banks. Choosing a good funder is paramount to building a successful joint-venture partnership as the thunder is effectively on your side and everyone is in the same boat together. Every party to the transaction wants to make a profit and if they can work together and pool their resources this can be achieved highly effectively.

Matt Cullum is marketing blog will also help JV partners with advice on which types of properties are able to yield to the type of profit that is desired by all parties. We suggest looking not only at websites such as Rightmove and super but also searching off market. There are plenty of websites and apps that I can help you to find plots and properties whilst enabling you to find details such as ownership and details regarding the property from the land registry. Or you can go to the land registry directly and pool this information yourself if you wish.

Off market property developments is always a good way to go as you can get properties which are not being marketed by estate agents and not being necessarily chased by other developers. Very good bargains can be attained and plots with significant development potential can be found using these websites and also the land registry and we encourage investors and property buyers to use these techniques. It’s always paramount to spend time searching for the best deals as often on websites such as Rightmove plots and properties are not necessarily the best deals to be found and do not necessarily have the most profit. We would suggest 70 to 80% of your time should be used in searching for property deals.

Lastly one of the most important points of forming and utilising a joint-venture partnership is to design a effective and profitable exit strategy. The use of estate agents and other advisors are always a good idea to help you to sell your property is at the best price and to find the right buyer. It is also good idea to look into schemes such as the help to buy scheme and other relevant schemes from the government which can help you to sell properties to people whilst utilising the various benefits available. We always suggest also to have your own marketing strategy and even the website for your development to help to market and promote your brand to potential buyers which will give them comfort in the sense that they will know they will be buying from a legitimate and quality developer and builder, follow Matthew Cullum for more.

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